About Me

The one and only Tiernan Kingzett.

Hey! My name is Tiernan Kingzett.

I am a maker from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

My day job is installing medical imaging systems across Western Canada, a job which has given me a ton of oppurtunity to explore and grow appreciation for our beautiful country.

In my spare time I am a game developer.
I have been coding for over a decade and making games since 2021. In the spring 2022 I launched my first mobile game, Simply Sudoku.
I have always had a love for logic and physics systems, and I love being able to use my skillsets to create worlds and experiences.

I am also a photographer, and a massive nerd when it comes to cinematography and shot design. I can talk about colour and framing theory for hours on end, as anyone who has had to deal with me geeking out in the middle of a movie over a random shot will attest to.
I was introduced to photography at a young age, and it is a form of art I will practice and cherish for the rest of my life as I love being able to capture and share the world around me as I see it.

My other interests include cooking, writing, sailing, as well as creating and exploring as much as I possibly can.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of what I have created.

If you have interest in collaborating on an art project please feel free to reach out as I love meeting and working with other creatives and makers.